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What People Say

From the first day I met Anessa she has been not only a great mind to tap into but a wonderful person to get to know. Egoless, with some massive tech and legal chops. I didn't think that attorney and altruistic could go hand in hand but Anessa has squashed that assumption. She not only is always willing to help but when it comes down to business she lends a mind that not many in this world have. I am looking forward to not only continuing our relationship with her and the firm but will continue to recommend her services to anyone that I come in contact with.

Terrence Osterman

Money With Meaning Fund

Anessa is an excellent resource on complex transactions where FL business governance and federal and FL securities laws are applicable. She is a delight to work with and is very responsive.
John Michel

Director, Tax Consulting, Mowry Marty & Bain Consulting, LLC

Anessa's knowledge is so impressively diverse and deep. From corporate structuring to new technology, startup funding and operations, equity issuance, blockchain, and that was just our first meeting. You're in good hands with Anessa, because not only is she so knowledgeable and passionate about these areas but also remarkably honest and willing to find the best solutions to difficult problems. I consider myself and my company very lucky to have met Anessa when we did!
Tareq Shrourou

Co-Founder, The RORO Company; President, TFS Trading

Anessa is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experiences in the technology industry gives her a solid foundation for being a thought leader in the blockchain space. Her understanding of corporate structuring, governance/compliance; contracts and securities gives her the added value of seeing the potential for blockchain applications on the enterprise level. As a lawyer, she knows the in's and out's of legalities around scaling a business and running one efficiently. Anessa brings with her the confidence to implement complex ideas coupled with the patience to listen and understand what the larger goal is. I highly recommend working with Anessa, her passion for blockchain makes her a perfect candidate as a leader and facilitator.
Adam Graney

Director of Business Development @ Ethex.market, CoFounder @cryptocooperative.org