Runaway Corporate Greed Shatters the American Dream and Fuels Protests

These past several weeks I entertained many debates, some turning into arguments, over what’s fueling the protests and what the national collective response should be. Like so many others I’ve spoken to recently, this issue has divided me from my family, and from many others with whom I held friendship for decades. It’s been shocking, unnerving, and […]



Resolving Racial Inequality In America Requires Constitutional Amendment

Sign my petition for Constitutional Amendment on Change.org by clicking HERE. This past week has been a whirlwind for most Americans, myself included. By now, I have published two articles and several Facebook posts and tweets that endeared some and alienated others. Several decades-long relationships I once held are now irreparably broken as we have taken decidedly[…]



American Protests Reveal Rivers of Repressed Racism

There is a story in the Bible told by Jesus where he instructs the disciples about the importance of running after and recovering the one lost sheep from the flock. He said that we must go after the one. The other sheep didn’t say “What about me? Don’t I matter? Don’t all sheep matter?” Of course all[…]




Let me start by dispelling any questions about my perspective. I am a white, American woman raised in rural, white America in an Anabaptist church (two steps from Amish) who grew up to become an attorney advocate for minority rights. If you’re wondering how that happened, it’s been a wild journey which I’d love to share another[…]

COVID, Unemployment and Non-Compete Agreements

In the past few years I’ve noticed something odd popping up in standard non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that have the power to shut down your business and your livelihood, even if you’ve been recently unemployed due to COVID. Hidden in the body of the standard four-page agreement we’ve all seen and signed, among the legalese of what constitutes “confidential information” and under what circumstances that same information is not confidential, is language that restricts you from competing with the party issuing the NDA. […]